Club Cricket Report for 2010 Season

Do you play for or manage a Cricket Club in Canada?  Do you want to tell the world about it?

It has always been difficult for Cricket in Canada to get mainstream media to give us exposure.  Local print news outlets have been the only resource a community club has for media contact.  As we all know, print media is slowly fading and being replaced by online news, video and blogs.

The ability to quickly update facebook and twitter statuses and advancements in ‘micro-blogging’ have changed the way that we share and generate news.

As players and administrators, we can make a difference by chronicling our clubs action in our leagues and sharing it with the rest of the Canadian Cricket community by taking advantage of online resources.  Using photos or videos we can share our stories with the world until the main stream outlets take notice.

There are so many great stories of people getting involved in local organizations and making a positive impact on Canadian society.  These stories deserve to be shared, but sadly, most go unnoticed.

I am looking for a select few bloggers playing or involved with hard ball league Cricket across Canada during the 2010 season.  You must be a registered player or club official to submit stories.   If you are a volunteer or supporter, contact the club you wish to blog for and have them give you authorization to post on their behalf.

Media coverage is key to securing sponsorship deals.  Prospective sponsors want to know that they will be receiving value in the form of exposure for their brand within a target market.  We are the fastest growing sport in the country, so lets take advantage of this fact.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to raise the profile of your club or league.

All you need is a computer and the ability to email or upload attachments.  You do not need to have any prior blogging experience.

* please spell check before sending.

** please note:  You must be a mature and responsible person.  Posts bashing other clubs, players or league officials or that contain cursing and name calling will not be tolerated.  We expect that you will keep your information appropriate for all ages.

***  Are you a student journalist?  Want to practice your craft and help us out?  Contact us and we’ll help find you a club in your area.

Send us an email with the following information:

Full Name
Name of Club
Position with Club
Number of Club Members (Number of teams, if applicable)
Number of Teams (League)

Send your information to