ICC Global Cricket Academy Set To Visit Ontario

The Ontario Cricket Association will be partnering with the ICC Global Cricket Academy in Dubai to provide a 1 week training camp to be held in the greater Toronto area for the top players in Ontario.

OCA President Mike Kendall was notably excited at the news that former test players Mudassar Nazar (Pakistan) and Rodney Marsh (Australia) would be conducting the camp and they will also provide opportunities for 6 OCA coaches to learn from the experience as well.

‘It gives me a great pleasure to inform you that OCA, in partnership with ICC Global Cricket Academy Dubai, is conducting a Cricket Training Camp in the GTA area, for our best propects in Ontario. The camp will be run from 30th March to 05 April, 2010 and will primarily focus on our younger players.

We are very fortunate to be able to benefit from the vast experience and knowledge of the Academy Director Mr. Rodney Marsh and Head Coach Mr. Mudassar Nazar, who will be personally conducting the training with assistance from 6 OCA coaches. This is one of a kind camp ever conducted in any of the ICC Associate countries and we are very lucky and proud to be hosting it here in Canada.

The rigorous training will focus not only on Batting and Bowling skills but also on fielding, physical fitness, mental development with a focus on various aspects of the game, video analysis, player profiling and progress reports etc. that is sure to provide our top players with an added edge, during any game or competition.’

The OCA had already sent out correspondence to it’s member leagues to put together a list from each league of ‘elite level’ players to be short listed for Ontario’s inter provincial matches this summer. The goal is that this training camp will help find talented cricketers and give them a platform for selection into the Canadian side.

Kendall also added that while this was an Ontario Cricket Association initiative, the OCA will be sending invitations to all Cricket Canada member provinces.

‘Although OCA has arranged this camp for the benefit of Ontario players, I personally feel very strongly that for development of Cricket in Canada, players across the country should have the opportunity to benefit from it as well. Therefore I will be forwarding this email to Cricket Canada and to all provincial directors, so that their players could also participate.’

OCA will be looking for sponsors for this event to help cover some of the costs.

‘Cost per player is $400.00 which includes everything except lodging, dinners and transportation to and from players’ home. This cost has been heavily subsidized by the OCA.’


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